18 Sep 2015

Whatever happened With Prejudice?

A while ago, I thought it be a brilliant idea to write a story and post it here for you all to see. That story was With Prejudice, which you can link here. There are essentially just over a thousand words written in two blog posts. My initial idea was to show each chapter until completion. Unfortunately, life and my creativity had other ideas.

11 Sep 2015

Found a free online book maker

So I've been doodling a little, after having found Canva while surfing the net one night while editing away on the novella that may or may not be called Enemy Within. It may be just as equally be known as Designated Target, but it'll depend on the final version of course and input from my editor in November.

Dragoon Liberator and other projects in development stages

As I started out on my writing journey, many, many eons ago, I focused on shorter works. Gradually, I moved to longer pieces and had come ...