25 Feb 2016

When Businesses Include

I cannot get enough of this video.

Yes, it may be a promotional gimmick, but it is for a real product launched in Turkey; check it here and read more about it here.

I can only dream what it is like to do things those far more able can do Can you imagine that for a few hours you are treated like a member of the community, and not as something no one knows what to do with or interact because to them you are different? It is inspiring. Living with a disability and using a motorised wheelchair, has its share of challenges but being part of a society that nurtures one's abilities despite their disabilities is a beautiful goal for us all to achieve, and I know that businesses like Sky Fitness Dunedin and PowerTech Training are definitely making that happen . . . for which I am thankful and fortunate to experience first hand.

2 Feb 2016

Does it matter?

Bad guy, turning to the title character in the Ironside reboot, and asked: “You really a cripple?”

At which point, the actor Blair Underwood responds from his wheelchair: “You tell me.”

Coincidentally, the actor is able bodied. Look, there are many arguments and counterarguments about who should be portraying disabled characters, and the like. Just check one here. Personally, it doesn’t really matter. When you get down to it, the person best suitable for the role ought to be cast.

Case in point, the rebooted Ironside. The character was a paraplegic, and the show has scenes where the guy is recalling past events when he still walked. For that, you need an actor who was able bodied.

Pretty simple, wouldn’t you agree? Look, I write fiction. okay, maybe it’s more accurate that I try writing fiction. Nonetheless, it’s all about the story.

1 Feb 2016

Enough with the revisions already . . .

mock cover for work-in-progress
Have you ever reached a moment where your creative muse just tells you
"Stop! Hammer time!" 
. . . No? . . .

Okay, mine recently told me . . .
"Stop! Enough already with the constant revising, okay?"
Yeah, mine did that. Rightly so too, I have been working on the story for the better part of a year in one form or another, most of which involved trying to come up with a setting for it. Well, the final version of what I'm hoping to be a series of stories featuring Carl Nicole and his fellow Interpol Intelligence Teammates.

Now onto the second story . . .

Dragoon Liberator and other projects in development stages

As I started out on my writing journey, many, many eons ago, I focused on shorter works. Gradually, I moved to longer pieces and had come ...