20 Mar 2017

First story submission in 7 years away

So last week I have submitted a 11,000 worded novelette to Asimov's Science Fiction and Fact, a science fiction magazine (they have an electronic version too). Hopefully in four weeks I'll know.

Considering the false starts recently I think that trying to go indy with short works is not a good idea, as I do not have enough to show just yet.

9 Mar 2017

Down for the count . . .

So my first attempt in introducing a new story kind of backfired, the formatting was a bit of a hiccup and the initial feedback strongly recommended revisions. Consequently, the first of the Venture Forth Ganymede series has been taken off Amazon for the time being while I go fix what needs fixing. If you have purchased it already, let me know by email and I will reimburse you by offering the reworked first episode for free.


6 Mar 2017

Venture Forth Ganymede is live

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, may I please gain your attention to my Smashwords and Amazon pages. There you will see Itaque per Mortem, So what is it about, you ask? All going to plan, it's a start to a series or serialisation of short stories novelettes, novellas and (once I get the hanf of it) novels featuring the adventures of one Jack Crowley and his peers in the United States Fleet Forces and later the Joint Space Forces in the mid twenty-second century.

If you enjoyed the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, its spin-off Caprica and computer games like Starlancer, the Killzone franchise and the recent Infinite Warfare from Call of Duty . . . and like a quick read in one or two sittings, than this series is for you.

Please note that if you want to purchase the story from Smashwords, you'll need to sign in and create an account with them.

5 Mar 2017

Success, but without the death

So some good news, I have uploaded the first of the Venture Forth: Ganymede onto both Smashwords and Amazon. 

Personally, am rather excited and will keep you all informed as they go live. In the interim, please check out the link to the left (the one sporting the blue cover with red writing).

And below that you'll see With Prejudice.

Dragoon Liberator and other projects in development stages

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