30 Nov 2014

Whatever happened to Oranges?

This happened . . .

A while back, my friend Nigel guest posted on my blog. Here is the link. As you can see, it was ages ago. You may be asking yourself "what of it?", considering that I've admitted in my previous post that I had a number of false starts writing-wise. The story was written back in 2011, and it had been my intention to simply showcase the story as it was. Nigel had liked it, but said it felt unfinished. Almost as if I was starting a story with multiple sub-plots and then boom . . . just walked away from it.

As you can see by the cover page (yes, it even had a ebook cover designed by little ol' me too) above the story was to be a prelude to a bunch of tales dealing with a Martian war of independence. All going there will be a new part later on in January-ish . . . or Febuary at the latest.

Yes, that means that in the new year I will try writing two serials and work full-time and have a life.

Watch this space my friends.

What have I been up to this year

As things go, what I had planned for this year hasn't really eventuated. I had hoped to work on a series featuring an old character, by the name of Gene Bukowski. You may remember him from Compromised, a Gene Bukowski Adventure. The idea was that the story, along with Across the Board would be part of a Exit Strategy was to be some alternate universe thingy.  As it turned out, I never really got around to writing them. Well, no. I have. Snapshot and Backdoor Straight have been written, but they will be recycled.

shared universe and

Does that mean that I've given up on writing, you ask? Uhh, no. I know that this year had a couple of false starts in writing, but that was unavoidable as I work full-time. Still, I have been very fortunate to reconnect with an old colleague of mine from my days as a IT support at the University of Otago. Jax is now a freelance editor and even has her own publishing label, check it out here. With her help, I have been working on and off in improving my writing technique, along with working on a new title within a new series that I'm hoping for a release in the new year. I won't reveal too much in this post what the serial will be about, at least not yet.

In the interim, I want you to check my stuff out on Amazon and Smashwords. Please buy them, as they are only 99 cents, and leave a review up. If you or a loved one has an e-reader and prefers short works, then why not . . . right?

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