1 Jan 2016

New year, here we go . . .

The new year is only a half day old, at least here in little old New Zealand. In that time I had slept in, as one does on a holiday, and then finally get up and look things over that needed doing before I sit down and start on something writing related. As I did, I realized that in the large scheme of things I have produced very little in anything related to writing to begin with in 2015, at least nothing on Amazon or Smashwords (The last was Cover Up, which was put up on Amazon back in December of 2014).

I also know that I've been promising a new story, but it it has yet to eventuate. It will. Soon. The good news is that it is halfway through being edited.

As for everything else? Well, am back on the job market, so that means more time working on a new writing project while job hunting and/or creating an employment opportunity for myself (if it means becoming a full-time writer due to my stories making some money, that be nice).

How about you?


  1. Nothing for years...2011 actually...perhaps in 2016...who knows!

    1. We both know you've got some good material that you've been working on ;)

  2. Nothing for years...2011 actually...perhaps in 2016...who knows!


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