8 Apr 2016

Cleaning up stuff

I have been writing for a long time, since my second year in high school as a matter of fact. Some of the stuff have been forgotten and trashed, forever lost and yet not forgotten.

Some things on the other hand had clung on for dear life, hoping to be seen by me once more and be given a new lease of life. Over the next couple of weeks that will be my focus, starting with a trio of stories that once upon a time featured the predecessor to Carl Nicole (coincidentally, the book featuring Nicole's predecessor was taken off Amazon because it was not selling).

Just as equally, I will be returning back to a concocted story inspired by the likes of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Enterprise and a hint of The Expanse (but really, much of the idea came from the Jovian Chronicles, but without the mechs) and my own imagination.

Right, off we go . . .

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