27 Oct 2013

Two writing projects

I am super excited for two reasons; it's the weekend, and if that doesn't excite anyone than boohoo to you, and because of two writing projects that I am collaborating on. One of whom is done with my good pal Nigel, the author of Black Donald, and the other is with Sam.

Okay, so Nigel and I had tried collaborating once but I had to pull out due to other commitments getting in the way. The good news is that Nigel has turned that stalled collaboration into an awesome novel, titled Honourbound and is to be the first in a series. Personally, I am looking forward to its release sometime in the new year, as I think it's one of his better works. Nigel is also working on a sequel to Black Donald. As
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to what we're collaborating about now, you ask? All I can say currently is that it is in the style of John G. Hemry and Ian Douglas, and centres on the fictional Royal Navy Strategic Space Vehicle Orion and her crew.

The other collaboration is with Sam, a good friend of mine in the States and a meteorologist by profession. Sam also has one of the finest minds that I have used him to ensure my past work, which is resubmitted to a potential publisher, was logical and not too far fetched. Our writing project features a self governing colony on Europa in the year 2207, and the first chapter is explosive.

As for my own writing? Apart from the resubmitted Bukowski story, I have had plenty of hits and misses. It really depends on time, as work is getting busier and the like.

Still, we will see. Maybe one of my next solo attempts may get the creative juices flowing once more. It may mean another Bukowski story, but currently am unsure.

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