3 Jan 2015

From Puppets on a String to Collateral - What's in a series title?

Hi all, an welcome to another rendition of my thoughts on something other than what I should be doing! As to what I ought to be doing, you ask? Write and fine tune some ideas, more or else. Nonetheless, I wanted to put my thoughts on what is it that I want to call my series.

In the two draft cover examples to the right of your screen, you see Enemy Within and Collateral. Both sport "A Puppet on a String" in its titles, which were essentially what I wanted to go with from the beginning. But let's face it. As a whole the original title for the series is one heck of a mouthful. Yes, I completely understand that it could be informally known as "Puppets" for short, but you need to ask yourself . . . well, I need to ask myself at least . . . does it reflect what it is that I want to show.

A prime example being Star Trek or Star Wars, both use that in their primary series title.

Some of my favourite series in ebook form normally use the main character's name as the series title, so as to group each of the stories together to be easier to find. My friend Erica uses the name of the ship that inhabit her Callisto series, so there is that too.

So what is my story and proposed series idea all about? Well, it's not about pickles taking over the world. I know, right . . . One of my friends will be deeply disappointed. The series will be contemporary and yet near future-ish (so from five to ten years from now, or a little bit later). The protagonists will be the following people:
  • Carl Nicole, who starts of as a Military Police investigator on detached duty to the United Nations Joint Africa Command.
  • Papa, a fellow Military Police investigator who too is detached to the purely fictional U.N. regional command.
  • Jessica Adams, a spook of sorts.
  • Doc, an annoying yet well meaning probationary agent whom I hope to use as a comic relief.
I need to think some more on this.

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