30 Nov 2014

What have I been up to this year

As things go, what I had planned for this year hasn't really eventuated. I had hoped to work on a series featuring an old character, by the name of Gene Bukowski. You may remember him from Compromised, a Gene Bukowski Adventure. The idea was that the story, along with Across the Board would be part of a Exit Strategy was to be some alternate universe thingy.  As it turned out, I never really got around to writing them. Well, no. I have. Snapshot and Backdoor Straight have been written, but they will be recycled.

shared universe and

Does that mean that I've given up on writing, you ask? Uhh, no. I know that this year had a couple of false starts in writing, but that was unavoidable as I work full-time. Still, I have been very fortunate to reconnect with an old colleague of mine from my days as a IT support at the University of Otago. Jax is now a freelance editor and even has her own publishing label, check it out here. With her help, I have been working on and off in improving my writing technique, along with working on a new title within a new series that I'm hoping for a release in the new year. I won't reveal too much in this post what the serial will be about, at least not yet.

In the interim, I want you to check my stuff out on Amazon and Smashwords. Please buy them, as they are only 99 cents, and leave a review up. If you or a loved one has an e-reader and prefers short works, then why not . . . right?

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