5 Dec 2017

Project Update 1

So a while back, like last year, I wrote this. It talked about the prospect of something other than a Gene Bukowski update and sometime later I announced that I have a new character, and then ... well, the sound of crickets really, as nothing eventuated. Then there was the failed venture in trying to write an original military science fiction story based on my fan fiction, which was rightfully ripped to shreds by several authors whose opinion I value. It forced me to go back to the drawing board, quite literally.

Hence this update, really. I have a new project that doesn't involve Gene Bukowski. So what can I tell you about this new project? Well, it's the result of going back to the drawing board and it does feature Abdul Jafari and the Joint Space Forces, and there is indeed a rough draft of under 20,000 words. That is all for now.

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