12 Jan 2018

Projects Update 4

So we are midway through a new month, with many of us either been back at work already or are just coming off from holiday. I on the other hand am waiting for my new job to start, but that won't be for another two to three weeks. In the interim however, I have taken the opportunity to write.

Consequently, my military science fiction story has been through the first phase and in the hands of a couple of betas. Hopefully all it'll need is a tweak here and there, and ta-daa!

Then there was the collaboration, which is still a work in progress.

My good friend Gene Bukowski (actually my very first ever character in a story) is still in a holding pattern, but recently found myself gravitating towards such television shows as Criminal Minds, Hyde & Seek and Blue Murder: Killer Cop. Those three shows, along with a few other examples, are what I enjoy about police dramas, most notably the intrigue, fast pacing and all around good story telling.

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