1 Jan 2018

Projects Update 3 and welcoming 2018

So it's just on ten past 11 o'clock in the morning, January 1 of 2018. Thinking back over the last twelve months, I have done a lot of growing as a person, professional and as a writer. The fact that my fiancee is home certainly helps and now we're both striving forward to get our pre-wedding things underway.

As of today, I have three projects that am working on.

The first, but not in any particular order, is Bukowski's first adventure. It is a completed draft at 95,000 words. All it needs is a rewriting, fixing and polishing before I hand it over to a couple of betas for a read.

The second is part of a military science fiction series that I've always wanted to write. One of my friends says it's a cross between James SA Corey's Expanse book series and something written by Tom Clancy, which is a nice thing to say if you don't mind me saying so. Personally, I got the idea after watching the cut scene movies for ...
and ...

While I like the concepts behind both franchises, I couldn't help but notice how cookie cutter and one dimensional the antagonists were. To be fair, I believe that Killzone did a pretty good job of creating the Helghan Empire's backstory as seen here. My only grumble is that they were a hybrid stereotype of Soviets and Nazis. Just as equally, the bad guys in the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare have a lot of potential but their backstory just fell flat in my eyes. So, inspired by both and a few others, I am now sitting on a semi complete draft of 50,000 words.

The third is another military science fiction, this one a novella of 20,000. It is a collaboration.

All going well, this year I won't have so many interruptions and false starts that I had in the previous two. 

Hope all is well with you all ...


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