5 Apr 2013

Aptly named if you ask me

Current Project
With the following tagline:

A young reporter determined to prove herself, only to stumble onto a story that would further her career.
A veteran operative, one of the best the Division has to offer, has been told to keep his head down.
A snapshot of two people becoming reliant on one another.

The current project is a spiritual offshoot of Special Projects.

The protagonist is this premise is Jonathan Crowley, or Jack to his mates. A former New Zealand Special Air Service operator recruited into a clandestine branch of the multinational North Atlantic organisation. Right now am envisaging him more along the lines of a younger Michael Garibaldi from the Babylon 5 series. Why him I hear you ask? Well, I was a big fan of the series when I was younger. Plus I was impressed with how Jerry Doyle portrayed the character, and still am to this day. After all, there was a character that felt real and with his own unique set of problems. It is that that I'd like to see in Crowley's character development.

Tune in for more.

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