5 Apr 2013

Well, almost.

I think I was a little too quick in dismissing Bukowski.

Or, more accurately the whole idea.

When I wrote last time I was fed up with a few things going on, with a plotline not cooperating and generally giving me grief to a few projects misbehaving themselves at work. So yes, I think I was allowed to through a hissy fit.

Am I really going to give up on Bukowski?

Don't know.

As I mentioned in my last post, he and I go way back.

What I will say however is that I like the idea of clandestine agency answerable either to the UN or a multinational security alliance running about saving the world from itself, as I've been brought up on such movies as James Bond and series like the old Mission Impossible and the much newer NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Spooks, Water Rats and a few others. Not to mention books by the likes of Coonts, Clancy and a few others.

I think Bukowski and the resulting Exit Strategy was a proof of concept that I can write something similar. Now to put it to practice.

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    You can do it!
    You can do it!!!!!!!!