22 Mar 2014

Cleaning up the house

Whilst waiting to hear about Dispatched, and saying @#^! it to the idea of trying to write in a completely new universe (I have decided that I would like to work on a new Carl Nicole thriller), I have decided to clean up the house. Well, the files on my computer that contain story ideas. Some, like Thirteenth's Luck
will reappear on either Amazon or Smashwords, or both. Others, like the one in the hands of the lovely Jax, will be edited to shreds and rebuilt to either be something new or become part of the Carl Nicole story arc. Those stories unlucky to be deemed as hazardous to your imaginations will be shredded, stomped on and deleted.

Personally I'm excited with this renewed enthusiasm to revisit what I had written in the past, mostly because it would be fun seeing what I came up with back then.

Currently I plan to alternate between working on the next Carl Nicole story and editing/reworking a story currently titled Avalon. They are two completely different ideas; whereas Nicole's timeframe is roughly a couple years from now, Avalon is set on a made up world in the Epsilon Eridani star system and am hoping to be a bit of noir and science fiction rolled into one.

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