22 Mar 2014

Exit Strategy

I was going over my files this morning, as one wont to do on a fine Saturday morning here. I have come Smashwords back in 2012. The story is the spiritual precursor to Compromised, as it features the original version of a character I once role-played on a play-by-email Star

across my first story that I published via

Trek game.

So what is this story about, you ask?--Here's the promo for it:

In fact you'll find Emilio Heerdan in another story, but different.

You can buy it, by clicking on the lower right corner of the blog or here.

I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't just delete the story and be done with it, considering that both characters make an appearance elsewhere. The short answer, why not?--It's a reminder of where I was back in 2012 and to a certain respect I'm still proud of what I have written.

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