19 Jan 2016

Just some random words

So today's post has nothing to do with writing.

Why? The short answer is "Why not", but it's largely because three works are already in the hands of my editor, and a fourth is looked at by a story doctor. Still, I am happy with the first of the three in the editor's hand, so that ought to be something at least. I have promised myself that 2016 is the year I'm going to write better, stronger and longer narratives (it was recommended that if I would like to be represented by an agent, I need to write a novel that was not less than 80,000 words).

The reworked Enemy Within is almost there, at 31,000 words at last count. The other two may need a little more work, but am getting there . . . it's that both have reached that point that getting a second pair of eyes are crucial to their development.

In the interim? Who knows, a paid job be nice.

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