27 Jan 2016

To Rework A Story

An old mock cover for my current work-in-progress
Remember how I posted the other day that writing is no longer just a solo affair? Yeah, that blog post right here. See it . . .

Today was such a day, where I spent a good hour with my editor just going over the manuscript after they had read it. To say that it was an interesting experience was an understatement, but neither am I upset nor regret the fact that the editor had completely ripped the manuscript apart. In anything, I am thrilled. For one, there were some good points to the work-in-progress.

The first being that my secondary characters Sia and Papa, siblings to one another and childhood friends to the main character, are likable. Yay to that, right? The thing is, it still had some big plot holes but are easily fixed.

So really, the story is living up to its proposed series name and story title . . . seen to your right . . . Not that I'm complaining, as it means that story will be better when it will be ready to be seen.

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