9 Jun 2013

A Bukowski saga

Work is going to be understandably busy this week, and while I'm waiting to hear from the publisher and a couple of betas, I thought that I will focus on my main boy Gene Bukowski and his adventures as a member of an ultra secret special activities unit within a fictional version of the International Security Assistance Force set fifty to sixty years from now.

The first of the series of novelettes and shorter novels, essentially mini-novels ranging between 10,000 to 30,000 words, is Compromised. Here we see a snapshot of Gene being sent in to investigate if a certain former surgeon has been compromised by the Russians.

This will be followed by another short piece titled Backdoor Straight.

Yet another snapshot, which is currently in draft form.

This story features both Gene Bukowski and his best friend Tomasi 'Big Tee' Havili. Both have been sent to check on espionage being committed against the New Bata space elevator that is in the process of being commissioned for the local government.

Please keep in mind that these are short works.

The third installment will be Delta Virus. This one is equally in draft form and at present is unfinished. I am hoping that this will be a longer piece, but how long I cannot tell you. What I can tell you is that it will be set in Egypt and will involve Gene, and maybe another from the clandestine Covert Actions Reconnaissance Division, try and get a high ranking Egyptian flag officer out of the country.

As the story title suggests, it involves a virus.

Currently I have Gene promoted and quickly shoved into prison for breaking and entering, and perhaps a nice car chase and gun fight to make for a fast roller coaster of a read. More updates will be added to the blog as things progress, but these three will keep me busy for the next few months at least.

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