12 Jun 2013

Guest Post by N.M. Gillson about Oranges

I have asked my friend Nigel, the guy behind the awesome book Black Donald, to step in and talk to you about a story I'm working on; as he is one of my beta readers. I think it's important to see what others think about a draft, as it gives you objectivity. Anyway, this is what he had to say...

Hi folks, first of all can I just thank Piotr for inviting me to do a guest blog.  He has been religiously updating his blog, putting me to shame really.  When Piotr asked me to read over one of his latest Bukowski stories, Oranges, I jumped at the chance.  Gene Bukowski is one of those characters that
Yeap, that's my mate N.M. Gillson
stick in your head.  Hard core marine type thing who does what is necessary to get the job, whatever it may be at the time, done and dusted.  The same can be said for Oranges.
Oranges is a fast-moving short story taking you from Earth to the very centre of hostile territory in an operation simply, but mysteriously called ‘Red’.  It was one of Piotr’s easiest reads and has been written well.  It is clear with every section of the story that Piotr knows his characters inside out.  The believability of each characterisation jumps out of the page and you have the opportunity to leap into the heads of several different characters, including Bukowski’s commanding officer, a reporter who is along for the ride and two ‘bouncers’ who protect the reporter.
I wanted to take my time reading Oranges so that I could get into the story and get into it, I did.  I thoroughly enjoyed the scene descriptions which made me feel actually part of the team of marines who were ordered to the meeting room and then, by stark contrast on a beach elsewhere having heavy artillery rain down on me.  I feared for my life as I watched my comrades’ struggle against the onslaught.  Leaving me with a sense of having experienced the action is a talent that con only be acquired through experience and practise and Piotr is one practiced author.
If I were to have one criticism about Oranges, it would be it left me with unanswered questions.  The ending seemed like it had been rushed without much thought, perhaps Piotr had forgotten to do the day’s chores or something and had to quickly finish this incarnation.  Despite this, it does not detract from the essence of the plot.
I am glad that Piotr has decided to work on this, because I relish the chance to read the finished and polished product in the coming months.

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