15 May 2020

DRAGOON 2-2 live on Amazon

Good day everyone and happy Friday!

I would like to announce that Dragoon 2-2 is now live on Amazon, just follow the link here. The following is taken from the blurb:
As the world's superpowers battle an invasion from the stars, a forgotten corner of the world conducts its own war with the alien newcomers.
New Zealand Defense Forces helo pilot Sergeant Nate Harvey is drafted into an experiential Mecha unit after his aircraft is destroyed on the first day of the war, quickly finding himself in a struggle to survive. The black ops troops of the Cavalry Development Group take the fight to the aliens in their war machines, leading the way in an epic land and air battle for control of Wellington and the future of their homes.
For fun, I also did a frequently asked questions page for the book.

Please share this with your friends and review it on Amazon.

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