7 May 2020

Oh, look, update

Today is another round of last-minute editing. Amazing how many typos and grammatical errors still were present, but not as many as before. I am thankful for those beta readers who volunteer their time, many of whom getting roped in as I write the story.

Anyway, I am getting feedback on Dragoon 2-2 and so far, so good. All going well, I will strive for 15th May as my release. Fingers crossed.

The second book in the series, tentatively titled Dragoon Liberator, is coming along nicely. I've reached a critical part in the story and to think things through accordingly. I want to kill off a few characters, but need to decide whom to kill and whom to keep.

I am also doodling with an old story, which needs some major reworking.

In other news, I still need to lose weight. Hehe. Okay, maybe that's too much information right there. Still, I live with a disability and my form of exercise is a good dunking in the pool. Unfortunately, with the lockdown here in New Zealand, the swimming pool's closed. Yeah, yeah, I know . . . excuses, excuses. Hopefully soon, maybe reorganise my supports to add the gym. Now, that's an idea!

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