7 Dec 2014

A Puppet on a String, A Writing Update

So it's the weekend, and work for the business has been done. This means writing, along with an attempt in keeping this blog updated.

Today I want to talk to you about my attempt in working on a series of interlinked stories. As you know, I
Mock Cover for new series
wanted to try that with Gene Bukowski in Compromised and Across the Board. It was not meant to be. Sure, the motivation to do it was there, but I lacked the necessary skills to pull it off. Then Jax became my editor and writing mentor, to learn more about her go Passport to Everywhere. With her guidance, my writing skills have improved.

It is with these skills that I will endeavour to try writing a series once more. Tentatively titled Piotr Mierzejewski's A Puppet on a String, it will be comprised of novellas and novelettes. The story will feature Jack Crowley, a Sergeant in the Australian Army and a Military Police Investigator, and his many adventures. I will be honest with you, Bukowski and even the characters featured in With Prejudice may end up in this.

The first in the series, Enemy Within, is written. All I'm doing is working with Jax in polishing the manuscript and am deciding if new scenes need adding. Once it is ready, I will let you know. In the interim I wanted to invite you into my journey in seeing this series (and my other works) come to you in ebook form.

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