29 Dec 2014

Bob Mayer says it best

One of the joys of working from home is the many distractions available to me. Just as equally, another joy is being told by the boss to take the day as it comes and just relax (until January 5, 2015 that is). So, distraction it is.

As we all know, I am writer. Or more accurately, I see myself as a writer, and follow the blogs of various authors and experts to do with writing and publishing. It's what I do. It's how I roll, literally. See . . .?

That is why I don't drive a big truck...

Okay, getting off topic here.

I follow stuff to do with writing. If I am lucky, I even chat with one or two of my writing idols about such things. Anyways, one of these authors I follow is Bob Mayer and I would to link you to his latest article on his sixteen thoughts for authors in regards to publishing next year.

The thing that stands out in Bob Mayer's article is this; continue producing material that readers would love. So, excuse me while I go and do just that.

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