16 Dec 2014

Upcoming Projects for 2015

Christmas and New Years are fast approaching, and I am grateful for that. Other than spending time with family and loved ones, next week will give me a chance to go over my writing projects I want to get stuck into in 2015 (which is about time, this year feels like I've done nothing in regards to creative writing). The most obvious are the two primary titles in my A Puppet on a String series; Enemy Within and Collateral.

Both stories are in the process of being edited and written, and am rather excited. The main character in the series, Jack Crowley, is going to be thrown into the proverbial deep end in my stories, and am looking forward if he will survive. Both stories in the series are set in and around South Africa for reasons that I will explore in another post next year.

Then there is Oranges. I must confess that Oranges is a hard one for me. It was wrtten a long time ago and yet it is a solid story, one I firmly believe you would enjoy, but it is a story that needs lots of tender loving care. Right now the story is a stand alone thing, set on Mars more or less. The final version may be different. My hopes had been to put it up on Amazon before Christmas, but that will not be doable.

Then there is another, a novella roughly 20,000 words long. I can't say anything more about the as yet untitled novella, largely because I need to go over a fine tooth comb and see where it leads. All I will say is that it was written a couple of years back and had been largely forgotten.

Until next update.

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