8 Dec 2014

I prefer A

So, I found this image to your right on my facebook page . . .

These flags are currently doing the rounds after the Prime Minister of New Zealand made it an election issue out of changing this country's flag. The fact that the money spent for this could be better utilised elsewhere, like pouring it into the social services and schools, is not the point of this blog entry. I want to write about why we should keep the flag as it is (hence the title of this post, I prefer A). You see, I like the current flag. Yes, it may be confused for the Australian one, but so what? What many forget is that both New Zealand and Australia are interlinked culturally, historically and politically to a certain level. 

But my point is not that.My point is that our current flag actually means something, and that there is a history behind it. Seriously, there is - go to the NZFlag website or New Zealand History to learn more.

For me the flag shows our British heritage, which this country was part of until 1947 when the New Zealand parliament finally passed the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act; henceforth giving the country greater autonomy as a sovereign state. Look, I understand there are grievances between the various iwi and the Crown, but we have here what other colonised nations had not; an indigenious nation state that was created to help local Maori trade overseas and the Treaty of Waitangi. Yes, there have been problems. A change of flag would not change anything, just waste tax payer's money.

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