9 Dec 2014

An Orange update

The other day I wrote about submitting a novelette to my editor and her response.

Across the Board: Oranges, so far so good: So I wanted to write a small update about an upcoming title, Oranges . My editor Jax had this to say: Well so far it's a solid story ...
Today is a follow on.

This is her feedback:

I have my usual issues with your ending - it's all very sudden and
unsatisfying. Like there's this massive lead up, but then bam it's

I think you need to extend that last bit of
fight sequence. You're in the action, and then it's like you're
reporting f
rom a distance. The last couple of paragraphs with the orange
are cool, but before you get there you need way more, well, action. 

it is a pretty complete story, which is good. :) There are not a
bajillion loose strings, which is good. I just think you need to expand
the climactic action sequence. 
Why am I sharing this with you? That's pretty easy, I want to post more regularly for one. For another, I wanted to share with you the journey of writing and then rewriting a story, and then go through the process of cleaning it up. As a side note, the current draft is 10,179 words long. I am curious how much of a word count I will have in my next update.

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