4 Dec 2014

Oranges, so far so good

So I wanted to write a small update about an upcoming title, Oranges. My editor Jax had this to say:

Well so far it's a solid story - the writing needs some work, but I think you expected that...
To be honest with you, I had expected the draft to be all over the place; much like a drunken sailor on a rollercoaster, but in word form. 

Being told that it's solid is nice, heart warming. Okay, Jax said that the writing needed some work, but that is to be expected as I wrote the piece back in 2011 after all. My writing has changed since then, evolved even. At least Jax and Nigel seem to think so, as have my other friends who had the pleasure (or is it misfortune?) of reading my attempts throughout the years.

Right, back to work . . .

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